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We support you on the way towards CO2-neutral products based on the most precise calculations.

Analysis of the CO2 Emissions

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Decarbonize your Products

Decarbonize your Products

Your customers and investors, together with regulations are increa­singly demanding in­sights into the CO2e emissions of your pro­ducts (Product Carbon Footprint). However, in­complete data, complex product landscapes and internal resource scar­city make it difficult to determine the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), preventing you from offering CO2e-neutral products in the future.

Automation of the PCF calculation

Give your company detailed insights, enabling you to make climate-friendly decisions regarding your products. As a full-service provider, we support you from the initial PCF concept to the algorithmbased calculation and decarbonization of your products. This allows you to reduce non-value-adding activities and focus on strategic tasks.

The TELUSIO Fullservice Concept

As a full-service provider, we support you on the way towards CO2-neutral products.

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PCF Calculation

Get detailed insights into the CO2e emissions of your products. Based on the activity-based method in accordance with the GHG protocol and the ISO standard 14067, we determine the PCF at a very high level of detail.

PCF Conception

With training courses and workshops, we support you in creating your own know-how about the product carbon footprint and the relevant calculation steps, while avoiding potential pitfalls.

PCF Reduction

Leverage your CO2e reduction potential by improving the EcoDesign of your pro­ducts and processes. We support you in identifying CO2e hotspots in your pro­ducts and work with you to find levers to optimize product sustainability.

PCF Automation

Benefit from our scaling PCF calculation. Our software calculates the product carbon footprint of any product variation with just one click.

Further Services


Get support with the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

Environmental Product Declaration – Product Environmental Footprint

Creation of compliant EPD reports based on the most accurate data.

Scope 3.1 Emissions

Create transparency about the emissions of purchased goods and services based on accurate data.

Data preparation

Often, relevant data is stored in data silos and is not complete. With our expertise in data topics, we prepare your relevant company data.

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Efficient calculation of a product’s emissions

With TELUSIO’s Product Carbon Footprint, you create actual added value regarding more sustainable products, a positive corporate reputation and competitive advantages.


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“Every step we take to make our economy more CO2-neutral is a step in the right direction – for our customers, our society and our planet.”

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Are you looking for a strong partner on your side to guide you to a verified product carbon footprint calculation and emissions reduction?


Benefit from our expertise and a variety of digital solutions regarding the Product Carbon Footprint. This ranges from initial PCF concepts to the automated calculation of the CO2e emissions of your entire product portfolio and the identification of CO2e reduction opportunities.

Algorithm-based Quantification and Learning System

With our TELUSIO Engine, our intelligent algorithm for the recognition and allocation of input data (e.g. materials), we enable the automated calculation of your emissions. Our Engine learns continuously.

High Level of Detail and Verification

Our calculation methodology is verified by GUTcert and is based on the activity-based method according to the GHG protocol and ISO standard 14067 (bottom-up approach).

Scalable and Systematic

Our structured, data-based approach in combination with the TELUSIO Engine ensures a resource-saving and future-proof calculation of the product carbon footprint of your products.

Robust and Future-oriented

Our software- and data-based approach ensures a high level of transparency and traceability of the calculations and results. We leverage any existing emissions data from your suppliers as well as recognized emissions databases.

Structured Data Preparation

Send us your raw data and we will process it, quantifying the emissions and preparing various analysis options for you. Thanks to our TELUSIO method, we also determine the CO2e emissions for purchased composite components, even if your supplier is not yet able to provide information. This is done transparently and comprehensibly.



Success Stories

Find out more about how we work and how we collaborate with other clients in our Success Stories!

Scientific and international standards

We work strictly according to international scientific standards, such as the GHG Protocol or the ISO 14067 standard, always ensuring the highest quality – verified by GUTCert.

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