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Product carbon footprint taken further –
Reduce the CO2e footprint of your products

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Be part of a CO2-reduced future

Low-emission and climate-friendly products are an investment in the future and increasingly represent a competitive advantage.

Based on our activity-based determination of the product carbon footprint, you gain detailed insights into the carbon footprint of various processes and compositions of your products.
This enables you to discover emission hotspots and work on targeted improvements.

Infographic showing exemplary analysis of CO2e emissions based on different materials
Infographic showing exemplary analysis of emissions of a product based on scope

Our Service Offer

We support you in identifying CO2e hotspots in your products and work with you to find levers for optimizing product sustainability.

Calculating the product carbon footprint gives you data-based transparency about possible levers for reduction.

  • How do different materials and components affect the CO2e emissions of the product?
  • What would be the consequences of relocating the production site?
  • What happens if you use a different manufacturing process or supplier for a particular part?

We will answer these questions together and work out targeted improvement options.

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Levers for optimizing product sustainability

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  • Energy consumption in production
  • Production site vs. CO2e emissions in logistics
  • Production waste
Icon to the possibilities of CO2 reduction with material selection

Materials & Product design

  • Substitution of materials and components
  • Use of recycled / secondary materials
Icon to the possibilities of CO2 reduction with logistics

Logistics & Packaging

  • Packaging material
  • Transportation distance
  • Types of transportation


PCF Reduction: Your benefits at a glance

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Uncovering emissions hotspots along your value chain

Checkbox for the benefits of PCF reduction

Identification of potential savings:
Analysis of alternative materials or manufacturing processes

Checkbox for the benefits of PCF reduction

Tangible results on the road to Net-Zero

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