With TELUSIO’s Product Carbon Footprint, you create real added value in reducing the environmental impact of your products, strengthening your corporate reputation and improving your product sales.

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Strategic boost to your competitive position

By communicating PCF results to your customers, you can position yourself as a sustainable market leader, achieve competitive advantages and increase your company value in the long term. At the same time, you avoid being disadvantaged in tenders because they are not meaningful in terms of the CO2e emissions of your products.


You also minimize potential risks. With detailed data on the generation of emissions along the value chain, you can react better and more proactively to regulatory changes, customer requirements and supply chain risks. This contributes to long-term economic stability.

How TELUSIO creates real added value


The automated and algorithm-based calculation of the product carbon footprint brings significant operational added value. This allows you to position yourself sustainably for the future.


Product turnover


CO2 Emissions


busines value


Process costs

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Sustainable products and digital processes

By identifying inefficient processes and less sustainable materials, you can take targeted measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save costs.

With the digital calculation of PCFs, you can reduce non-value-adding activities. This allows you to focus on strategic tasks and drive forward the decarbonization of your products and supply chain.

Discover your Business Impact


Tackle the challenges of decarbonizing your products. Determine your added value and see how you can benefit from our solutions.


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