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PCF quantification provides detailed product comparison of two components

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“TELUSIO is the ideal one-stop shop when it comes to the product carbon footprint. Their structured approach to project implementation coupled with their expertise in mechanical engineering make them the ideal partner!”

André Raabe
Carbon Footprint Manager, HAWE Hydraulik

Facts about HAWE

Starting Position

HAWE Hydraulik is a medium-sized, internationally active family business with headquarters in Munich. 23 subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia form a global sales, service and engineering network. The production plants in Germany supply customers around the globe.

HAWE Hydraulik’s ambition is to combine over 70 years of experience in hydraulics with the integration of new technologies to provide innovative solutions – “Solutions for a World under Pressure”!

HAWE had already carried out an internal pilot project on PCF calculation last year. For the current project, HAWE planned to calculate the product carbon footprint (PCF) of two hydraulic components from the same series to compare the differences in emissions identified for a more sustainable product design.

However, determining the PCF was not the only objective. In addition to a solid calculation, the focus was on identifying so-called CO2e hotspots in order to be able to implement a CO2e-optimized product design.

One challenge HAWE now faced was the limited internal capacity for this PCF calculation. The master data quality was another hurdle, as only 68% of the required parts list entries were initially usable. In addition, the relevant data such as weights or materials were stored in different systems – another difficulty on the way to a complete PCF.

In order to tackle the calculation of CO2 emissions for the hydraulic components quickly and automatically, HAWE needed an experienced carbon accounting partner who could competently handle both the data preparation and the emissions calculation.
This is where TELUSIO came on board.


Data stored in different systems; only 68% of relevant data initially usable
Hardly any in-house capacity available for data preparation & PCF calculation
Many suppliers and additional intralogistics between individual HAWE locations


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Together with TELUSIO, HAWE was able to tackle the calculation. First, with TELUSIO’s support, the data from various systems was merged, then TELUSIO prepared the relevant input data (mainly parts lists) and used the TELUSIO approach to add further information on missing materials and composite components.
Ultimately, within four weeks, not only the PCF but also detailed differences between the two components could be worked out.

The PCF was determined in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and calculated using the activity-based method.

By using the TELUSIO algorithm, the data availability in the parts lists was increased from 68% to 96%. The results obtained provide a data-based foundation for further developments in the design, enable detailed analyses and are robust when externally verified.

In addition, CO2e hotspots were identified to support a CO2e-optimized product design, which can serve as a convincing argument in sales.

Lastly, the PCF report provided can be issued to customers and other external stakeholders to emphasize the company’s sustainability efforts and serve as a tool to promote environmental sustainability.

What characterizes the collaboration?

In addition to the fast and smooth cooperation, TELUSIO’s experience in mechanical engineering was also impressive. Master data could be easily prepared and used to enable a scalable solution in the future.

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“TELUSIO’s calculations provide us with a transparent basis for a lower-carbon, more sustainable product design. In addition, the prepared master data is very valuable for our company-wide master data management.”

Kerstin Gündra,
Head of Product Management at HAWE Hydraulik

Achievements with TELUSIO

Very detailed product carbon footprint thanks to structured data preparation enables detailed analyses and robustness for external verification of PCF results
Detection of CO2e hotspots when comparing both components and derivation of detailed findings for a CO2e-reduced product design
CO2e-optimized product design of a product variant is a verifiable & valid argument in sales
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Success Story HAWE Hydraulik

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