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Calculating the emission value of a product with one click – the PCF automation

PCF Automation graphics from telusio

Get insights into the emission values of an entire product range with one click!

For products with different variations or entire assemblies, calculating the PCF for every possible variation is often too resource-intensive and inconsistent.

With our PCF configurator, we offer a scalable solution. This allows you to determine the exact product carbon footprint based on individual product configurations with a single click and to showcase this to your customer.

You can communicate the PCF results to your customer in real time. This builds confidence in your sustainability efforts and digital processes.

“The comprehensible and clear path to automating PCF calculation for all our systems is very convincing. We look forward to working with Telusio on the further automation of this important topic.”

Dr. Hagen Gehringer,
Bausch + Ströbel Board of Directors

Our Software Offer:

Product Carbon Footprint Calculator

Determining the product carbon footprint for each product variant – with just one click! Activity-based materials, purchased goods, logistics and manufacturing processes, among other things, are taken into account in the digital quantification. With just a few clicks, you can determine the exact CO2 footprint depending on the product configuration and make it available to your customers as a report. 

Image of the automated PCF Calculation Software part 1
Image of the automated PCF Calculation Software part 2

The Product Carbon Footprint Calculator in practical use – Koenig & Bauer

Koenig & Bauer uses the Product Carbon Footprint Calculator, among other things, in sales conversations with its international customers. The product – in this case a printing press – can be configured based on a customer’s individual requirements. The delivery location can also be specified. Based on the individual entries, the exact product carbon footprint is determined with a single click.

The Core of our Service Portfolio is the TELUSIO Engine

With our learning Telusio Engine, we can offer a scalable CO2e calculation of your products.

This includes:

  • Automatic recognition of input data (e.g. materials and purchased components) by the learning system.
  • Algorithm-based quantification of your bill of materials and other input data with emission factors or primary data from your suppliers.

Based on this, we can offer you a very systematic, scalable and resource-saving approach to CO2e determination.

Video explaining the automated calculation of a product's emissions

PCF Automation: Your benefits at a glance

Checkbox for the benefits of an automated PCF calculation

Calculation of the product carbon footprint of all product variants in a series with one click

Checkbox for the benefits of an automated PCF calculation

Advantage in sales:
Communication of PCF results to your customers in real time

Checkbox for the benefits of an automated PCF calculation

Comparison of the emission values of different product configurations

Checkbox for the benefits of an automated PCF calculation

Detailed consideration of all relevant production steps, such as materials, purchased goods, logistics or manufacturing processes

Checkbox for the benefits of an automated PCF calculation

Transparent and audit-proof results for your reporting system

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