Data Preparation


For many applications in the CO2 and sustainability sector, data is not available in sufficient quality.

Data preparation for accurate product carbon footprint calculation; before and after

Prepare your master data for the PCF calculation by closing data gaps.

Identify data gaps


Fill data gaps leveraging the learning TELUSIO Engine


Conduct a precise calculation

Data preparation enables precise calculation

With the help of our data preparation, we can increase the proportion of calculable relevant input data for the PCF calculation from around 29% to 95% on average.






Our Consulting Offer

With our learning TELUSIO Engine, we prepare your master data and thus pave the way for a complete Product Carbon Footprint calculation that complies with the standards of ISO 14067 and the GHG protocol.

Infographic with an example analysis of a product's emissions based on application area and product version

The TELUSIO Approach

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With our systematic approach we are happy to support you

  • Merging your data from different IT systems
  • Completion and cleansing of your data records, such as
    • Cleansing of material names
    • Conversion of trade names into material names
    • Conversion of physical units
  • Deriving weights or material information from other IT systems (e.g. CAD system)

Data Preparation: Your venefits at a glance

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Complete master data as a basis for the automated determination of the product carbon footprint, the product environmental footprint or the environmental product declaration

Checkbox for the advantages of data preparation

Basis for a variety of analyses in product management and sustainability

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